Social Tokens

How to use social tokens on DESU

Social Token Generator

Creators can create social tokens with just the click of a button on the DESU platform

How to Create Social Tokens:

  1. Click on the " Token Generator " tab in your profile settings

  2. Enter in the following: Name of the Token (ex. Ethereum, Bitcoin) Symbol (ex. ETH, BTC) Decimals (ex. 18 or 8) Supply - How many total tokens you would like to create (ex. 21,000,000

  3. Click Submit and complete the transaction with your wallet

  4. View the tokens in your wallet

How to Create a Social Token Subscription Plan (Creators Only)

  1. Click on the " My Plans " tab in your profile settings

  2. Click on " All Plans"

  3. Click on "New Plan" in the right corner

  4. Input a Name for what your plan will be titled, then Input a description for what the plan will offer.

  5. Select the Social Token Checkbox

  6. Select the Social Token you created earlier

  7. Input and specify how many tokens your subscribers must hold in their wallet address in order to subscribe and gain access to this plans content and community.

  8. Click Save and you are done!

Subscribing with Social Tokens

How to Subscribe to a Creators Social Token Plan

  1. Go to the creators profile page and click subscribe

  2. Select the Social Token Plan

  3. Hit Subsribe with social token

  4. Before hitting "finish" make sure you are holding enough of the specifed social token in your wallet

  5. Hit Finish

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