Getting Started

Desu is the social platform where creators can monetize their content with cryptocurrency, social tokens, and NFTs.

What we do: DESU provides monetization methods for creators and their exclusive content that are entirely peer to peer, decentralized, and powered by smart contracts. DESU is a non custodial paid social network that gives the power back to the creator.

Topics Covered:


Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet

Oasis Network - Emerald Paratime Testnet:

Add the Emerald EVM Paratime to your metamask wallet witha click of a button here:

How to use and test the DESU platform

Testnet Tokens

You will need some testnet ETH for gas and some testnet USDT to test and use the DESU platform.

Rinkeby Testnet ETH:

Rinkeby Testnet USDT:

Oasis Emerald Testnet ROSE: (select Emerald)

Oasis Emerald Testnet USDT: (Request in Discord)

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:

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