Getting Started
Desu is the social platform where creators can monetize their content with cryptocurrency, social tokens, and NFTs.
What we do: DESU provides monetization methods for creators and their exclusive content that are entirely peer to peer, decentralized, and powered by smart contracts. DESU is a non custodial paid social network that gives the power back to the creator.
Traditional Platforms Vs. DESU

Ethereum Rinkeby Testnet
Oasis Network - Emerald Paratime Testnet:
Add the Emerald EVM Paratime to your metamask wallet witha click of a button here:

You will need some testnet ETH for gas and some testnet USDT to test and use the DESU platform.
Rinkeby Testnet ETH:
Oasis Emerald Testnet ROSE: (select Emerald)
Oasis Emerald Testnet USDT: (Request in Discord)

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics as quickly as possible:
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